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HIV fusion and its inhibition.
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Effect of antiserum and antibiotics on persistent infection of HeLa cells with meningopneumonitis virus.
Summary 1.The effect of antiviral agents on a persistent infection of HeLa cells with meningopneumonitis virus has been studied. Antiserum does not appear to have a significant effect. Penicillin,Expand
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Summary of the II International Symposium on Cytomegalovirus.
Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is a highly species-specific DNA virus belonging to the Betaherpesvirinae subfamily of the herpesviridae family. Like other herpesviruses, primary infection with HCMV isExpand
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Summary of the International Consensus Symposium on Advances in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prophylaxis and Cytomegalovirus Infection.
CMV infection and CMV disease can be difficult to differentiate and the diagnosis is usually based on a compatible clinical picture and the results of a diagnostic test for CMV. The only exception toExpand
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Isoprinosine: Lack of Antiviral Activity in Experimental Model Infections
Abstract This report is a condensation of data from a collaborative study proposed and sponsored by the Antiviral Substances Program of NIAID. The individual reports were prepared by the followingExpand
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Adenine arabinoside therapy of herpes zoster in the immunosuppressed. NIAID collaborative antiviral study.
We evaluated adenine arabinoside treatment of herpes zoster in immunodeficient patients in a randomized, controlled crossover study. The two study groups had similar characteristics. In spite ofExpand
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