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On the Effect of the Internal Friction of Fluids on the Motion of Pendulums
T he great importance of the results obtained by means of the pendulum has induced philosophers to devote so much attention to the subject, and to perform the experiments with such a scrupulousExpand
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On the theory of oscillatory waves
I n the Report of the Fourteenth Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science it is stated by Mr Russell, as a result of his experiments, that the velocity of propagation of aExpand
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On the Composition and Resolution of Streams of Polarized Light from different Sources
W hen a stream of polarized light is decomposed into two streams which, after having been modified in a slightly different manner, are reunited, the mixture is found to have acquired properties whichExpand
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Mathematical and Physical Papers vol.1: On the Theories of the Internal Friction of Fluids in Motion, and of the Equilibrium and Motion of Elastic Solids
T he equations of Fluid Motion commonly employed depend upon the fundamental hypothesis that the mutual action of two adjacent elements of the fluid is normal to the surface which separates them.Expand
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On a Difficulty in the Theory of Sound
The theoretical determination of the velocity of sound has recently been the occasion of a discussion between Professor Challis and the Astronomer Royal. It is not my intention to enter into theExpand
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Mathematical and Physical Papers: Plate
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