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Thickness trends and sequence stratigraphy of the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation, Appalachian Basin: Implications for Acadian foreland basin evolution
Analysis of more than 900 wireline logs indicates that the Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation encompasses two third-order transgressive-regressive (T-R) sequences, MSS1 and MSS2, in ascending order.Expand
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Joint sets that enhance production from Middle and Upper Devonian gas shales of the Appalachian Basin
The marine Middle and Upper Devonian section of the Appalachian Basin includes several black shale units that carry two regional joint sets (J1 and J2 sets) as observed in outcrop, core, and boreholeExpand
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Geochemical and textural evidence for early (shallow) diagenetic growth of stratigraphically confined carbonate concretions, Upper Devonian Rhinestreet black shale, western New York
Laterally persistent carbonate concretionary horizons are conspicuous to the Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Rhinestreet black shale of the western New York State Appalachian Plateau. Field observations,Expand
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Tracking the burial and tectonic history of Devonian shale of the Appalachian Basin by analysis of joint intersection style
The most pervasive systematic joints hosted by Devonian black shale of the Appalachian Plateau include east-northeast joints and younger northwest-striking cross-fold joints. Both sets were drivenExpand
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Marcellus Shale Play ’ s Vast Resource Potential Creating Stir In Appalachia
UNIVERSITY PARK, PA.–The shale gas rush is on. Excitement over natural gas production from a number of Devonian-Mississippian black shales such as the Barnett, Fayetteville and Woodford has reachedExpand
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Organic matter accumulation, redox, and diagenetic history of the Marcellus Formation, southwestern Pennsylvania, Appalachian basin
Abstract Variations in the concentration of redox sensitive elements combined with pyrite framboid size data documented from a Marcellus Formation (Middle Devonian) core recovered from southwesternExpand
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An analysis of horizontal microcracking during catagenesis: Example from the Catskill delta complex
Horizontal bitumen-filled microcracks are common within clay laminae of the finely laminated organic carbon-rich shale in the lower half of the heavily jointed Upper Devonian Dunkirk Shale, westernExpand
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Analogous tectonic evolution of the Ordovician foredeeps, southern and central Appalachians
New stratigraphic data suggest that the diachronous evolution of the Ordovician foredeeps in the southern and central Appalachians was remarkably similar. Stratigraphic features that characterize theExpand
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A multiproxy analysis of the Frasnian-Famennian transition in western New York State, U.S.A
The Late Devonian Frasnian-Famennian transition is well exposed along Walnut Creek in the western New York State region of the Appalachian Basin. The studied stratigraphic interval encompassesExpand
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Diverse melanges of an ancient subduction complex
ABSTRACT Three lithologically and structurally diverse melanges occur within an early Paleozoic (Early-Middle Ordovician) subduction complex in the central Appalachian orogen. Type I melange,Expand
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