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The Greek Church of Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire
  • G. G. Arnakis
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 September 1952
A STUDY of the relations of the Greek Orthodox church and the Ottoman Empire during the long period of Turkish rule in the Near East reveals so many inconsistencies on the part of the Turks that oneExpand
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Traite Des Offices
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Futuwwa Traditions in the Ottoman Empire Akhis, Bektashi Dervishes, and Craftsmen
  • G. G. Arnakis
  • History
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • 1 October 1953
WHEN 'the adventurous traveler of Tangier, Abu Abd Allah Ibn Battuta, arrived at Attalia in the beginning of his Anatolian tour early in 1333 and took up his residence in the Moslem seminary of theExpand
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Books Received
G. Georgiades Arnakis, Oi Protoi Othomanoi Symbole is to Problema tes Ptoseos tou Ellenismou tes mikras Asias. (1282-1337). (Texte und Forschungen zur byzantinischneugriechischen Philologie, No. 41).Expand