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Preparative scale enantioseparation of a chiral epoxide: Comparison of liquid chromatography and simulated moving bed adsorption technology
The feasibility of using simulated moving bed technology (SMB) for chiral separation on cellulose triacetate is demonstrated on the preparative scale: 1 kg of a chiral epoxide has been separated. OnExpand
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Enantiomer fractionation of phosphine oxides by preparative subcritical fluid chromatography
Abstract The subcritical fluid chromatographic separation of three enantiomeric pairs of phosphine oxides (two phosphanorbornadienes and 1,2,5-triphenylphospholane-1-oxide) was performed on a pilotExpand
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Enantiomer fractionation by preparative gas chromatography
Abstract The preparative gas chromatographic separation of a “mushroom odour” racemate, 1-octenyl 3-acetate, was performed on two columns connected in series (1 m × 2 cm I.D.) packed with modifiedExpand
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A simple device for preparation of low concentration binary mobile phases in SFC
Abstract A simple device for the preparation of a “modified” supercritical fluid consisting of carbon dioxide with a constant concentration of “modifier” is described. The system is based on theExpand
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