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Evolution and adaptive radiation in the Chydoridae (Crustacea: Cladocera): a study in comparative functional morphology and ecology
An account is given of the functional morphology, ecology, habits and - in most cases - feeding mechanisms of representatives of 13 genera of anomopod cladocerans of the family Macrothricidae, which have been adapted to widely differing ways of life and different functions. Expand
A new classification of the branchiopod Crustacea
The ten constituent orders now recognized within the Branchiopoda are defined in more detail than hitherto as a working basis for future investigations, and a new scheme is proposed which involves the elevation of four lower categories among the so-called Cladocera to ordinal rank. Expand
Functional morphology and the adaptive radiation of the Daphniidae (Branchiopoda: Anomopoda)
A detailed account is given of the feeding mechanism, which has been studied both by direct observation and with the aid of high-speed cine-photography, and which has led to erroneous views on such matters as the amount of energy expended in filtration. Expand
The parasitic Crustacea of African freshwater fishes; their biology and distribution
The known distribution of the parasitic crustaceans of African freshwater fishes, which now include some 80 more or less adequately described taxa, is summarized, and the significance of some of theExpand