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Epidermal egr‐like zinc finger protein of Drosophila participates in myotube guidance.
We have cloned and molecularly characterized the Drosophila gene stripe (sr) required for muscle‐pattern formation in the embryo. Through differential splicing, sr encodes two nuclear proteinExpand
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spalt encodes an evolutionarily conserved zinc finger protein of novel structure which provides homeotic gene function in the head and tail region of the Drosophila embryo.
The region specific homeotic gene spalt (sal) of Drosophila melanogaster promotes the specification of terminal pattern elements as opposed to segments in the trunk. Our results show that theExpand
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Transcriptional regulation of Xvent homeobox genes
The Xvent homeobox multigene family is essential for the patterning of the ventral mesoderm in Xenopus embryos. We have identified two novel members of this family, Xvent-1B and Xvent-2B, and haveExpand
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buttonhead and D-Spl: a novel Drosophila gene pair
The Drosophila gene buttonhead (btd) is a gap-like head segmentation gene which encodes a triple zinc finger protein structurally and functionally related to the human transcription factor Spl. HereExpand
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Regulation, function and potential origin of the Drosophila gene spalt adjacent, which encodes a secreted protein expressed in the early embryo
During early embryogenesis of Drosophila the spatial and temporal expression patterns of the region-specific homeotic gene spalt (sal) and the neighbouring gene spalt adjacent (sala) extensivelyExpand
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The spalt-related gene of Drosophila melanogaster is a member of an ancient gene family, defined by the adjacent, region-specific homeotic gene spalt
Abstract We report the full coding sequence of a new Drosophila gene, spalt-related, which is homologous and adjacent to the region-specific homeotic gene, spalt. Both genes have three widely spacedExpand
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Tissue-specific expression of the Ets gene Xsap-1 during Xenopus laevis development
We report the cloning of Xenopus laevis Xsap-1 cDNA, encoding a member of the ternary complex factor subfamily of ETS transcription factors. The expression pattern of Xsap-1 was examined duringExpand
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Localized expression of a novel micropia-like element in the blastoderm of Drosophila melanogaster is dependent on the anterior morphogen bicoid
We have identified a novel transposon-like element of Drosophila melanogaster that is present in approximately 20 copies in the genome. It codes for a polyprotein containing the diagnostic sequenceExpand
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