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Russia: A History
Editor's Preface. 1: Janet Martin: From Kiev to Muscovy: The Beginnings to 1450. 2: Nancy Shields Kollmann: Muscovite Russia 1450-1598. 3: Hans-Joachim Torke: From Muscovy Towards St PetersburgExpand
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The Soslovie (Estate) Paradigm and Russian Social History
IN A SERIES OF LECTURES delivered nearly a century ago, Vasilii 0. Kliuchevskii, the dean of prerevolutionary Russian historians, complained that scholars had studied particular groups in Russia butExpand
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Subversive Piety: Religion and the Political Crisis in Late Imperial Russia
  • G. Freeze
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 June 1996
Most scholarship on the Russian prerevolution has focused exclusively on political and social history, casting personalities and parties (or, alternatively, estates and classes) as the mainExpand
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The standard of living and revolutions in Russia, 1700-1917
1. Living Standards in Imperial Russia as Portrayed in Domestic and Foreign Historiography 2. Historical Anthropometrics: Goals, Biological Foundations, Methodology 3. The Sources of AnthropometricExpand
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The Russian Far East: An Economic Handbook
Citizen involvement is considered the cornerstone of democratic theory and practice. Citizens today have the knowledge and ability to participate more fully in the political, technical, andExpand
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The Parish Clergy in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Crisis, Reform, Counter-Reform
This volume attempts to put the clergy in the context of the issues and debates of the nineteenth century, treating the social history of the clergy, the repeated attempts to reform it, and theExpand
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The parish clergy in nineteenth-century Russia
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Bringing Order to the Russian Family: Marriage and Divorce in Imperial Russia, 1760-1860
  • G. Freeze
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 December 1990
As a traditional institution like the Orthodox church endeavored to redefine its role and status in modem Imperial Russia, it gradually came to respond to the key issues of the day-from socialExpand
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