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The impact of cataract severity on measurement acquisition with the IOLMaster.
PURPOSE The Zeiss IOLMaster optical biometry system provides superior prediction of refractive outcome of cataract surgery compared to applanation ultrasound. However, measurement is not alwaysExpand
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Cloning of Ly-5 cDNA.
A notable feature of Ly-5, among immunogenetic systems that identify glycoproteins of the cell surface and define the surface phenotype of cells according to their lineage, is that the Ly-5 locusExpand
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Studies on regeneration in the creeping ctenophore, Vallicula multiformis
  • G. Freeman
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of morphology
  • 1 September 1967
The ctenophore, Vallicula multiformis (V. multiformis) (Rankin), can reproduce asexully by segregating pieces of tissue from its periphery. These pieces of tissue then differentiate to form newExpand
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The Endocrine Pathway Responsible for Oocyte Maturation in the Inarticulate Brachiopod Glottidia.
  • G. Freeman
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Biological bulletin
  • 1 June 1994
An aqueous extract of lophophore from Glottidia pyramidata induces oocyte maturation and follicle cell retraction in pieces of ovary and spawning in intact animals. The extract does not act directlyExpand
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A case study considering the comparability of mass and volumetric suspended sediment data
Contemporary real-time instruments that advance suspended sediment monitoring capabilities often provide results in units (e.g. volumetric) that are not easily comparable to traditional mass (e.g.Expand
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Modified Lundie Loops Improve Apraxia of Eyelid Opening
Background: Current treatments are unsatisfactory for improving apraxia of eyelid opening, defined as a delay or inability to open closed eyelids voluntarily in the presence of intact motor pathways.Expand
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On the convergence of Young's instrumental variable and approximate maximum likelihood algorithms
Abstract The original descriptions of the approximate maximum likelihood (AML) method have left unclear an aspect of its application to the estimation of ARMA models. If the wrong interpretation isExpand
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Bis(triphenylphosphine)iminium hexafluorophosphate dichloromethane solvate (1/1)
Bis(triphenylphosphine)iminium hexafluorophosphate (or bis(phosphoranylidene)ammonium hexafluorophosphate] crystallizes from dichloromethane/hexane as a (1/1) solvate, [C 36 H 30 NP 2 ][PF 6 ].CH 2Expand
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Simulated diagenesis of plant cuticles — implications for organic fossilisation
Abstract The possible origin of the characteristic compositions of pyrolysates of organic fossil leaf cuticles has been investigated by heat treatment of cuticles of recent Kalanchoe grandifloraExpand
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A Technique for Designing Dyadic Controllers
A new technique for designing dyadic controllers is established. By the use of the recently established matrix partial fraction expansion formula, the dyadic transformation matrices are naturallyExpand