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Comparative Phenological Studies of Trees in Tropical Wet and Dry Forests in the Lowlands of Costa Rica
The dearth of plant phenological studies in tropical latitudes has been pointed out by various authors (Gibbs & Leston 1970; McClure 1966; Nevling 1971; Rees 1964). A review and brief evaluation ofExpand
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A new classification for plant phenology based on flowering patterns in lowland tropical rain forest trees at La Selva, Costa Rica
A new classification and conceptual framework for plant phenology are proposed to resolve problems in describing tropical patterns. A long-term (12 yr) survey of flowering in 254 lowland tropicalExpand
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Ecological Patterns of Bees and Their Host Ornamental Flowers in Two Northern California Cities
Abstract A survey of the bee species and their ornamental host flowers that occur in residential neighborhoods of the cities of Albany and adjacent Berkeley in northern California was conducted fromExpand
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SUMMARY (1) During 1970-73, marked individuals of 154 treelet and shrub species at a Wet forest site and 95 species at a Dry forest site in Costa Rica were observed regularly at 4- to 6-weekExpand
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Ecology of Urban Bees: A Review of Current Knowledge and Directions for Future Study
Urban bee ecology is an emerging field that holds promise for advancing knowledge of bee community dynamics and promoting bee conservation. Published studies of bee communities in urban and suburbanExpand
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A tropical hawkmoth community: Costa Rican dry forest Sphingidae
Hawkmoths (Sphingidae) constitute a major class of pollinators in the lowland dry forest of Costa Rica. In our study area, hawkmoths are the primary pollinators of about 10 percent of the treeExpand
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The city as a refuge for insect pollinators.
Research on urban insect pollinators is changing views on the biological value and ecological importance of cities. The abundance and diversity of native bee species in urban landscapes that areExpand
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Reproductive biology of some Costa Rican Cordia species (Boraginaceae)
Reproductive features of eight Cordia species (Boraginaceae) from the seasonally dry Pacific slope of Costa Rica are described. Components of the floral, pollinatory, breeding, and seed-dispersalExpand
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Modification of a Community Garden to Attract Native Bee Pollinators in Urban San Luis Obispo, California
Gardens have become increasingly important places for growing nutritional food, for conserving biodiversity, for biological and ecological research and education, and for community gathering. GardensExpand
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Nest site and habitat preferences of Centris bees in the Costa Rican dry forest
Etude de la preference de l'habitat chez des abeilles qui nichent dans des trous d'arbres. Etude dans des nids artificiels dans plusieurs types d'habitat. Test de trois preferences: exposition auExpand
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