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Irreversible work and inner friction in quantum thermodynamic processes.
The thermodynamics of closed quantum systems driven out of equilibrium by a change in a control parameter and undergoing a unitary process is discussed and it is shown that a specific fluctuation relation for the entropy production associated with the inner friction exists.
Spontaneous synchronization and quantum correlation dynamics of open spin systems
We discuss the emergence of spontaneous synchronization for an open spin-pair system interacting only via a common environment. Under suitable conditions, and even in the presence of detuning between
Role of coherence in the nonequilibrium thermodynamics of quantum systems.
It is proved that a division of the irreversible work can be made into a coherent and incoherent part, which provides an operational criterion for quantifying the coherent contribution in a generic nonequilibrium transformation on a closed quantum system.
Quantum Coherence and Ergotropy.
This work identifies a coherent contribution to the ergotropy (the maximum amount of unitarily extractable work via cyclical variation of Hamiltonian parameters) and shows this by dividing the optimal transformation into an incoherent operation and a coherence extraction cycle.
Universal scaling for the quantum Ising chain with a classical impurity
We study finite size scaling for the magnetic observables of an impurity residing at the endpoint of an open quantum Ising chain in a transverse magnetic field, realized by locally rescaling the
Work statistics, irreversible heat and correlations build-up in joining two spin chains
We investigate the influences of quantum many-body effects, such as criticality and the existence of factorisation fields, in the thermodynamic cost of establishing a bonding link between two
Daemonic ergotropy: enhanced work extraction from quantum correlations
We investigate how the presence of quantum correlations can influence work extraction in closed quantum systems, establishing a new link between the field of quantum non-equilibrium thermodynamics
The role of coherence in the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum systems
Exploiting the relative entropy of coherence, we isolate the coherent contribution in the energetics of a driven non-equilibrium quantum system. We prove that a division of the irreversible work can
Local quench, Majorana zero modes, and disturbance propagation in the Ising chain
We study the generation and propagation of local perturbations in a quantum many-body spin system. In particular, we study the Ising model in transverse field in the presence of a local field defect
Topological superconducting phases and Josephson effect in curved superconductors with time reversal invariance
We consider a Rashba spin-orbit coupled nanowire with anisotropic spin-singlet superconducting pairing and time-reversal-invariant symmetry. We explore the evolution of the topological