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Comparisons of economic values with and without risk for livestock trait improvement
This paper investigates the effect of incorporating risk in the derivation of economic values for livestock trait improvement. Two ways of obtaining economic values were contrasted, withoutExpand
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Cost estimates for carbon sequestration from fast growing poplar plantations in Canada.
Abstract With concern over human activities affecting the Earth's climate, the potential role of forests to sequester carbon is of growing interest to national policy-makers. Countries like CanadaExpand
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Economic Feasibility of Variable�?Rate Technology for Nitrogen on Corn
The economic feasibility of three different fertilizer management strategies (constant rate, three-rate and multiple-rate technology) in the application of nitrogen fertilizer to corn are comparedExpand
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Investment Attractiveness of Afforestation in Canada Inclusive of Carbon Sequestration Benefits
"Afforestation is one of several possible mechanisms available to sequester carbon and help reduce greenhouse gas concentrations. We have developed a spatial Monte Carlo-based simulation model,Expand
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Economic weights from profit equations: appraising their accuracy in the long run
Methods which estimate the effects on farm profit of a change in a genetic trait (economic weight) are compared. A neoclassical economic model based on a Cobb Douglas type production function, isExpand
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Is the United States Really Underinvesting in Agricultural Research
  • G. Fox
  • Economics
  • 1 November 1985
That the level of public investment in U.S. agricultural research is too low is widely accepted. This paper argues that there are two important limitations to the evidence assembled in support of theExpand
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A bioeconomic model for comparing beef cattle genotypes at their optimal economic slaughter end point.
A bioeconomic model of a feedlot was developed for the comparison of beef cattle genotypes under specified management and marketing conditions. The optimization behavior of commercial feedlotExpand
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Imputing Input Characteristic Values from Optimal Commercial Breed or Variety Choice Decisions
Extended Input Characteristics Models are shown to generally be more flexible, with less restrictive data requirements for estimation, than prior ICMs. Expand
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The agricultural policy agenda in the United States, Canada, and in Western Europe has been increasingly influenced by concerns for the sustainability of agricultural production systems. National,Expand
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