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Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications
This book covers the subject matter that is central to mathematical analysis: measure and integration theory, some point set topology, and rudiments of functional analysis. Also, a number of otherExpand
Harmonic analysis in phase space
This book provides the first coherent account of the area of analysis that involves the Heisenberg group, quantization, the Weyl calculus, the metaplectic representation, wave packets, and relatedExpand
Hardy spaces on homogeneous groups
The object of this monograph is to give an exposition of the real-variable theory of Hardy spaces (HP spaces). This theory has attracted considerable attention in recent years because it led to aExpand
A course in abstract harmonic analysis
Banach Algebras and Spectral Theory Banach Algebras: Basic Concepts Gelfand Theory Nonunital Banach Algebras The Spectral Theorem Spectral Theory of *-Representations Von Neumann Algebras Notes andExpand
Introduction to partial differential equations
The Description for this book, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. (MN-17): , will be forthcoming.
The Neumann problem for the Cauchy-Riemann complex
Part explanation of important recent work, and part introduction to some of the techniques of modern partial differential equations, this monograph is a self-contained exposition of the NeumannExpand
The uncertainty principle: A mathematical survey
We survey various mathematical aspects of the uncertainty principle, including Heisenberg’s inequality and its variants, local uncertainty inequalities, logarithmic uncertainty inequalities, resultsExpand