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Inhaled PGE2 prevents aspirin-induced bronchoconstriction and urinary LTE4 excretion in aspirin-sensitive asthma.
It is suggested that PGE2 is highly effective in preventing aspirin-induced asthma and this effect is mediated by inhibition of sulfidopeptide leukotriene production. Expand
Eicosanoid Transcellular Biosynthesis: From Cell-Cell Interactions to in Vivo Tissue Responses
Evidence for arachidonic acid serving as a transcellular biosynthetic intermediate for prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and lipoxins occurring during cell-cell interactions is presented. Expand
Simultaneous investigation of the neuronal and vascular compartments in the guinea pig brain isolated in vitro.
The results demonstrate that the in vitro isolated guinea pig brain preparation can be exploited for studying simultaneously neuronal activity and cerebrovascular motility. Expand
Interleukin-4 enhances 15-lipoxygenase activity and incorporation of 15(S)-HETE into cellular phospholipids in cultured pulmonary epithelial cells.
The ability of IL-4 to promote 15-LO activity and incorporation into cellular phospholipids of human lung epithelial cells may be important in airway inflammation and in modulation of the potential autocrine function of 15(S)-HETE. Expand
Behavior and clinical relevance of histamine and leukotrienes C4 and B4 in grass pollen-induced rhinitis.
Investigation in nasal secretions of 10 patients with hay fever after antigen challenge found high levels of biologically active histamine were found in nasal washes from asymptomatic allergic and normal subjects; with repeated lavages, the amount of histamine recovered dropped markedly. Expand
Eicosanoids and iso-eicosanoids: constitutive, inducible and transcellular biosynthesis in vascular disease.
The determinants of lipid oxidation, plaque fragility and of the hemostatic response to plaque rupture, as well as the hemodynamic factors influencing the multifactorial process of atherothrombosis represent targets of pharmacological interventions aimed at reducing the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications. Expand
Morphological and functional changes of coronary vasculature caused by transcellular biosynthesis of sulfidopeptide leukotrienes in isolated heart of rabbit.
Evidence is provided of close interaction between PMNL and myocardial EC, resulting in enhanced sLT formation via transcellular biosynthesis, originating from transfer of PMNL-derived LTA4 to EC. Expand
The Cycloxygenase-2 inhibitor SC58236 is neuroprotective in an in vivo model of focal ischemia in the rat
Control ischemic rats showed distinct morphological alterations with necrosis of neurons, glial cells and blood vessels, surrounded by a halo with pyknotic cells with cytoplasm swelling and vacuolization, suggesting that selective inhibitors of COX-2 are neuroprotective. Expand
Neutrophils, endothelial cells, and cysteinyl leukotrienes: a new approach to neutrophil-dependent inflammation?
  • A. Sala, G. Folco
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochemical and biophysical research…
  • 25 May 2001
Evidence provide support for the involvement of cys-LT in neutrophil-dependent inflammatory responses and suggest new potential application of 5-LO inhibition in anti-inflammatory pharmacological treatment. Expand