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Alternative Hand Contamination Technique To Compare the Activities of Antimicrobial and Nonantimicrobial Soaps under Different Test Conditions
ABSTRACT Antimicrobial hand soaps provide a greater bacterial reduction than nonantimicrobial soaps. However, the link between greater bacterial reduction and a reduction of disease has not beenExpand
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Effect of hand wash agents on controlling the transmission of pathogenic bacteria from hands to food.
The goals of this study were to evaluate the effectiveness of two hand wash regimens in reducing transient bacteria on the skin following a single hand wash and the subsequent transfer of theExpand
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Physicochemical factors affecting the rapid bactericidal efficacy of the phenolic antibacterial triclosan
The antimicrobial activity of triclosan (TCS; 2,4,4′‐trichloro‐2′‐hydroxydiphenyl ether) in aqueous solutions is shown to directly depend upon two key physicochemical parameters: % saturation andExpand
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Quantitative microbial risk assessment of antibacterial hand hygiene products on risk of shigellosis.
There are conflicting reports on whether antibacterial hand hygiene products are more effective than nonantibacterial products in reducing bacteria on hands and preventing disease. This research usedExpand
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Determination of the efficacy of preservation of non-eye area water-miscible cosmetic and toiletry formulations: collaborative study.
A collaborative study was conducted to test a method developed to distinguish between adequately and inadequately preserved cosmetic formulations. Nineteen laboratories participated in the study.Expand
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Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass: 1940s to 1980s
During the second half of the twentieth century, Scandinavian potters and glassmakers drew on elements present in China and Japan during the period of the Sung Dynasty to produce pieces of beauty andExpand
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Fountain pens and pencils : the golden age of writing instruments : revised price guide
The 2nd edition of the premier study of fountain pens and pencils. Over 1000 fountain pens are illustrated in full color, life- or near life-sized photographs. Extensively researched, it chroniclesExpand
Procédés et articles ayant une efficacité antivirale et antibacterienne élevée
L'invention concerne un procede et un article permettant de fournir un temoin bacterien rapide et a large spectre et un temoin antiviral rapide et persistant sur une surface inanimee. Dans leExpand
Antimicrobial Efficacy of Activated Triclosan in Surfactant-Based Formulation versus Pseudomonas putida
Abstract BACKGROUND: There is a need in healthcare settings for efficacious broad-spectrum antimicrobial handwash products. Experts agree on the importance of hand hygiene for the reduction orExpand
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