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A strategy for the design of skyrmion racetrack memories
Magnetic storage based on racetrack memory is very promising for the design of ultra-dense, low-cost and low-power storage technology. Information can be coded in a magnetic region between two domainExpand
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Cortical and subcortical connections of the human claustrum revealed in vivo by constrained spherical deconvolution tractography.
The claustrum is a thin layer of gray matter that is at the center of an active scientific debate. Recently, Constrained Spherical Deconvolution (CSD) tractography has proved to be an extraordinaryExpand
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Ultralow-current-density and bias-field-free spin-transfer nano-oscillator
We report microwave measurements on STNOs built with MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions having a planar polarizer and a perpendicular free layer, where microwave emission with large output power, excited at ultralow current densities and in the absence of any bias magnetic fields is observed. Expand
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A framework for the damage evaluation of acoustic emission signals through Hilbert-Huang transform
Abstract The acoustic emission (AE) is a powerful and potential nondestructive testing method for structural monitoring in civil engineering. Here, we show how systematic investigation of crackExpand
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High-power coherent microwave emission from magnetic tunnel junction nano-oscillators with perpendicular anisotropy.
The excitation of the steady-state precessions of magnetization opens a new way for nanoscale microwave oscillators by exploiting the transfer of spin angular momentum from a spin-polarized currentExpand
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Magnetization switching driven by spin-transfer-torque in high-TMR magnetic tunnel junctions
This paper presents a numerical study of magnetization switching driven by spin-polarized current in high-TMR magnetic tunnel junctions (TMR>100%). The current density distribution throughout theExpand
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Basal ganglia network by constrained spherical deconvolution: A possible cortico‐pallidal pathway?
In the recent past, basal ganglia circuitry was simplified as represented by the direct and indirect pathways and by hyperdirect pathways. Based on data from animal studies, we hypothesized a fourthExpand
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A Compact Model with Spin-Polarization Asymmetry for Nanoscaled Perpendicular MTJs
The aim of this paper is to introduce a compact model for perpendicular spin-transfer torque (STT)-magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) implemented in Verilog-A to assure easy integration with electricalExpand
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Strong linewidth variation for spin-torque nano-oscillators as a function of in-plane magnetic field angle
We measure the microwave signals produced by spin-torque-driven magnetization dynamics excited by direct currents in patterned magnetic multilayer devices at room temperature as a function of theExpand
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