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Shared Fantasy: Role-Playing Games as Social Worlds
This classic study still provides one of the most astute descriptions available of an often misunderstood subculture: that of fantasy role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Gary Alan FineExpand
As Everett Hughes noted, there is an “underside” to all work. Each job includes ways of doing things that would be inappropriate for those outside the guild to know. Illusions are essential forExpand
Justifying work: Occupational rhetorics as resources in restaurant kitchens.
Occupational rhetoric has been referred to elsewhere, generally with less emphasis on self-identity, as "occupational ideology." Those who speak of occupational ideology typically refer to aExpand
Small Groups and Culture Creation: The Idioculture of Little League Baseball Teams
Following interactionist theory, this study argues that cultural creation and usage can be examined by conceptualizing cultural forms as originating in a small-group context. Those cultural elementsExpand
The Sad Demise, Mysterious Disappearance, and Glorious Triumph of Symbolic Interactionism
Symbolic interactionism has changed over the past two decades, both in the issues that practitioners examine and in its position within the discipline. Once considered adherents of a marginalExpand
With the Boys: Little League Baseball and Preadolescent Culture
What are boys like? Who is the creature inhabiting the twilight zone between the perils of the Oedipus complex and the Strum und Drang of puberty? In With the Boys, Gary Alan Fine examines theExpand
The Presentation of Ethnic Authenticity: Chinese Food as a Social Accomplishment
Ethnic entrepreneurs in American society often carve out an economic niche by means of business enterprises and cultural events that are open to the general public and showcase ethnic culture. Thes...
Knowing Children: Participant Observation with Minors
Researchers and Kids Participant Observation with Preschoolers Participant Observation with Preadolescents Participant Observation with Adolescents To Know Knowing Children