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The topological properties of magnetic helicity
The relation of magnetic helicity to the topological structure of field lines is discussed. If space is divided into a collection of flux tubes, magnetic helicity arises from internal structureExpand
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Excitation of the Hydrogen 21-CM Line
  • G. Field
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  • 1958
The importance of spin temperature for 21-cm line studies is reviewed, and four mechanisms which affect it are studied. Two of the mechanisms, collisions with free electrons and interactions withExpand
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Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 1980s
Astronomy is in a golden age. Discoveries since 1960 include quasars (1963), the cosmic microwave background radiation (1965), pulsars (1967), neutronstar binaries (1970), superluminal expansion ofExpand
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New dynamical mean-field dynamo theory and closure approach.
We develop a new nonlinear mean field dynamo theory that couples field growth to the time evolution of the magnetic helicity and the turbulent electromotive force, E. We show that the differenceExpand
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Does external pressure explain recent results for molecular clouds
The recent paper by Heyer et al. indicates that observations of size, linewidth and column density of interstellar clouds do not agree with simple virial equilibrium (SVE) as a balance betweenExpand
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