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The Tactile Internet: Applications and Challenges
  • G. Fettweis
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
  • 4 March 2014
Wireless communications today enables us to connect devices and people for an unprecedented exchange of multimedia and data content. The data rates of wireless communications continue to increase,Expand
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Energy Efficiency Improvements through Micro Sites in Cellular Mobile Radio Networks
Efforts to increase the energy efficiency of infor- mation and communication systems in general and cellular mobile radio networks in particular has recently gained mo- mentum. Besides positiveExpand
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Bit per Joule efficiency of cooperating base stations in cellular networks
Energy consumption is lately receiving increased interest, and research efforts to assess the energy efficiency of cellular communication networks are made. This paper addresses the tradeoffs betweenExpand
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A simple cooperative extension to wireless relaying
In this paper, we propose and analyze a simple protocol that simultaneously exploits two potentials offered by wireless relay systems: diversity gains and pathloss savings. An intermediateExpand
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Sample rate conversion for software radio
Software radio terminals must be able to process many various communications standards. These standards are generally based on different master clock rates and thus employ different bit/chip rates.Expand
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Software Radio Receivers
From the experiences made one can easily extrapolate that the foreseeable mobile communications market as well as the communications devices will allow for heterogeneous plurality, i.e. there will beExpand
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Signal Shaping by Non-Uniform QAM for AWGN Channels and Applications Using Turbo Coding
A non-uniform signal set constellation is used in order to provide shaping gain. An approximately Gaussian distribution of the transmitter output signal is achieved by using equally likely signalExpand
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Adaptive I/Q imbalance compensation in low-IF transmitter architectures
Advanced transmitter architectures based on I/Q signal processing are highly attractive to applications demanding a reconfigurable setting of the transmission parameters, such as carrier frequencyExpand
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Continuous-Time Digital Filters for Sample-Rate Conversion in Reconfigurable Radio Terminals
Abstract Reconfigurable radio terminals must cope with a multitude of master clock rates of diverse mobile communications air interfaces. Digital sample rate conversion (SRC) is an elegant way toExpand
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Approaching capacity with asymptotically regular LDPC codes
We present a family of protograph based LDPC codes that can be derived from permutation matrix based regular (J,K) LDPC convolutional codes by termination. In the terminated protograph, all variableExpand
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