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The Newmark scheme as velocity–stress time-staggering: an efficient PML implementation for spectral element simulations of elastodynamics
SUMMARY Perfectly matched layers (PMLs) provide an exponential decay, independent of the frequency, of any propagating field along an assigned direction without producing spurious reflections atExpand
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PML Absorbing Boundaries
It has been previously demonstrated that no reflection is generated when elastic (or electromagnetic) waves enter a region with Perfectly Matching Layer (PML) absorbing conditions in a continuousExpand
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Earthquake magnitude estimation from early radiated energy
[1] From inspection of a large set of Japanese events, we investigate the scaling of the early radiated energy, inferred from the squared velocity integral (IV2) with the final magnitude of theExpand
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Ground‐Motion Prediction Equations for South Korea Peninsula
Abstract Ground‐motion prediction equations (GMPEs) play a crucial role for estimating the seismic hazard in any region using either a deterministic or a probabilistic approach. Indeed, theyExpand
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A Local Magnitude Scale for Southern Italy
local magnitude scale has been defined for southern Italy, in the area monitored by the recently installed Irpinia Seismic Network. Waveforms recorded from more than 100 events of small magnitude areExpand
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The Effectiveness of a Distant Accelerometer Array to Compute Seismic Source Parameters: The April 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake Case History
The 6 April 2009 Mw 6.3 L'Aquila earthquake, central Italy, has been recorded by the Irpinia Seismic Network (ISNet) about 250 km southeast of the epicenter. Up to 19 three-component accelerometerExpand
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Interaction between surface waves and absorbing boundaries for wave propagation in geological basins: 2D numerical simulations
[1] Surface waves control the peak of the seismic records at regional and teleseismic distances. In complex structures, such as basins, their amplitude is produced by the interference between theExpand
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Effect of Shallow Slip Amplification Uncertainty on Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis in Subduction Zones: Use of Long-Term Balanced Stochastic Slip Models
The complexity of coseismic slip distributions influences the tsunami hazard posed by local and, to a certain extent, distant tsunami sources. Large slip concentrated in shallow patches was observedExpand
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Near-Fault Broadband Ground Motion Simulations Using Empirical Green’s Functions: Application to the Upper Rhine Graben (France–Germany) Case Study
Seismic hazard estimation relies classically on data-based ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) giving the expected motion level as a function of several parameters characterizing the sourceExpand
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