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Vorapaxar for secondary prevention of thrombotic events for patients with previous myocardial infarction: a prespecified subgroup analysis of the TRA 2°P-TIMI 50 trial
BACKGROUND Vorapaxar inhibits platelet activation by antagonising thrombin-mediated activation of the protease-activated receptor 1 on human platelets. The effect of adding other antiplatelet drugsExpand
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Sympathetic–parasympathetic interaction in health and disease: abnormalities and relevance in heart failure
Sympathetic–parasympathetic interaction plays a major role in the evolution and outcome of many cardiovascular disorders. Nonetheless, a thorough understanding of this relationship and of itsExpand
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Vagus nerve stimulation: A new approach to reduce heart failure.
Autonomic imbalance with increased adrenergic and reduced parasympathetic activity is involved in the development and progress of heart failure (HF). Experimental data have demonstrated thatExpand
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Clinical efficacy and safety of achieving very low LDL-cholesterol concentrations with the PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab: a prespecified secondary analysis of the FOURIER trial
BACKGROUND LDL cholesterol is a well established risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. How much one should or safely can lower this risk factor remains debated. We aimed to exploreExpand
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Vagal Stimulation in Heart Failure
Heart failure (HF) is accompanied by an autonomic imbalance that is almost always characterized by both increased sympathetic activity and withdrawal of vagal activity. Experimentally, vagalExpand
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Trials of implantable monitoring devices in heart failure: which design is optimal?
Implantable monitoring devices have been developed to detect early evidence of heart failure (HF) decompensation, with the hypothesis that early detection might enable clinicians to commence therapyExpand
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Left Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation in Patients with Heart Failure: a New Indication for an Old Intervention?
Heart failure (HF) is characterized by an autonomic imbalance with withdrawal of vagal activity and increased sympathetic activity. Novel non-pharmacological approaches to HF aimed at increasingExpand
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Effect of Calcium Channel Block on the Wall Motion Abnormalit of the Idiopathic Long QT Syndrome
Background We recently showed the frequent occurrence of an unusual ventricular wall motion abnormality, assessed by echocardiography, in patients with the idiopathic long QT syndrome (LQTS). Two newExpand
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Description of a sample of liquid dairy manures and relationships between analytical variables
A sample of 93 liquid dairy manures from Lombardy in northern Italy was analysed to determine manure composition, and regression equations for the prediction of manure composition were developed. TheExpand
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Simultaneous measurements of remote lidar chlorophyll and surface CO2 distributions in the Ross Sea
A comparison between continuous lidar fluorosensor chlorophyll-a measurements and partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) in surface water is presented. The data were gathered during the XVI Italian AntarcticExpand
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