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Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering
Preface. Acknowledgements. PART 1: THEORY. Chapter 1: Review of Probability Theory. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Basic Set Theory. 1.3 Probability. 1.4 Conditional Probability. 1.5 Random Variables andExpand
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Simulation of random fields via local average subdivision
A fast and accurate method of generating realizations of a homogeneous Gaussian scalar random process in one, two, or three dimensions is presented. The resulting discrete process represents localExpand
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Bearing-capacity prediction of spatially random c ϕ soils
Soils with spatially varying shear strengths are modeled using random field theory and elasto-plastic finite element analysis to evaluate the extent to which spatial variability and cross-correlationExpand
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Random Field Modeling of CPT Data
An extensive set of cone penetration tests (CPT) soundings are analyzed statistically to produce an \Ia priori\N 1D stochastic soil model for use at other similar sites. The data were collected byExpand
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Influence of spatial variability on slope reliability using 2-D random fields.
The paper investigates the probability of failure of slopes using both traditional and more advanced probabilistic analysis tools. The advanced method, called the random finite-element method, usesExpand
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Three-Dimensional Probabilistic Foundation Settlement
By modeling soil as a three-dimensional spatially random medium, the reliability of shallow foundations against serviceability limit state failure, in the form of excessive settlement and/orExpand
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On the estimation of scale of fluctuation in geostatistics
Describing how soil properties vary spatially is of particular importance in stochastic analyses of geotechnical problems, because spatial variability has a significant influence on local materialExpand
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Bearing Capacity of Rough Rigid Strip Footing on Cohesive Soil: Probabilistic Study
A probabilistic study on the bearing capacity of a rough rigid strip footing on a weightless cohesive soil is carried out to assess the influence of randomly distributed undrained shear strength.Expand
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This paper brings together random field generation and finite-element techniques to model steady seepage through a three-dimensional (3D) soil domain in which the permeability is randomly distributedExpand
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