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The Great Disorder: Politics, Economics, and Society in the German Inflation, 1914-1924
This comprehensive study of German inflation under the Weimar Republic has been recognized as the definitive work on the subject.
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Army, Industry, and Labor in Germany, 1914-1918
Introduction: the sociopolitical background "burgfrieden" and law of siege. Part 1 The old regime and the dilemmas of total war: the production, manpower, and social policies of the Prussian WarExpand
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The Economics of the “Final Solution”*
The economics of the Holocaust is a many-facetted subject that is an integral part of the Holocaust's history. This paper describes some of the results of the new research since 1990 and discussesExpand
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The Treaty of Versailles : a reassessment after 75 years
Acknowledgments Introduction Manfred F. Boemeke, Gerald D. Feldman, and Elisabeth Glaser Prologue: 1919-1945-1989 Ronald Steel Part I. Peace Planning and the Actualities of the Armistice: 1.Expand
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The Deutsche Bank, 1870-1995
This work tells the story of the rise to fortune of one of the world's largest banks - from its foundations on 1870 and the early years, to the great expansion before World War I, the difficult warExpand
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Iron and steel in the German inflation, 1916-1923
This study explains how businessmen in the German iron and steel industry managed their enterprises, dealt with their customers, and acted in their relations with state and society during a period ofExpand
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