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Effect of Aging on Elastin Functionality in Human Cerebral Arteries
Background and Purpose— Aging affects elastin, a key component of the arterial wall integrity and functionality. Elastin degradation in cerebral vessels is associated with cerebrovascular disease.Expand
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From Growth to Well-Being: A New Paradigm for EU Economic Governance
This policy brief criticizes the European Economic Governance system for being too narrowly focused on economic growth and competitiveness.Starting from the 2009 report by the Commission on theExpand
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Von der Neuvermessung gesellschaftlichen Wohlstands zur wohlstandsorientierten Wirtschaftspolitik
Dieser Beitrag knupft an die Initiativen zur Forderung einer gesellschafts- und wirtschaftspolitischen Neufokussierung auf Wohlstand und gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt an, die im Anschluss an denExpand
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A Retrospective Analysis of the Clinical Effectiveness of Supraclavicular, Ultrasound-guided Brachiocephalic Vein Cannulations in Preterm Infants
Background: The aim of this retrospective analysis was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of the supraclavicular ultrasound-guided cannulation of the brachiocephalic vein in preterm infants.Expand
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Clinical experience with a tensor fasciae latae perforator flap based on septocutaneous perforators.
BACKGROUND Based on an anatomical study of the perforators of the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) perforator flap, a clinical study was undertaken to confirm our data in a clinical trial and toExpand
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Blockade des Ganglion cervicale superius des Truncus sympathicus
ZusammenfassungHintergrundFür die transorale Blockade des Ganglion cervicale superius (GCS) wurden die Ausbreitungsmuster von 3 verschiedenen Volumina untersuchten. Ziele waren, ein ideales VolumenExpand
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Trainingsmethode für Regionalanästhesisten
ZusammenfassungEinleitungOptimierte Trainingsmethoden sind für Regionalanästhesisten die Grundlage für den Erfolg von Blockaden.Material und MethodeEine Kombination aus Thiel-Konservierung,Expand
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[Block of the superior cervical ganglion of the Truncus sympathicus. Why it often is not possible!].
BACKGROUND For the transoral block of the superior cervical ganglion (SCG) of the sympathetic trunk we investigated the dissemination of three of three different volumes. The aim was to find an idealExpand
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Pneumatic Pulse Simulation In Cadavers For Teaching Peripheral Plexus Blocks
Arterial pulses are relevant anatomic landmarks for some of frequently used regional anesthetic blocks both for surgical procedures and pain therapy. We describe a compact and portable system toExpand
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Fascia and spaces on the neck: myths and reality
medicina fluminensis 2015, Vol. 51, No. 4, p. 430-439 430 Abstract. The ongoing discussion concerning the interpretation of existing or not existing fasciae on the neck needs a clarification and aExpand
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