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The Lord's Table: The Meaning of Food in Early Judaism and Christianity
Schuyler Brown's The Origins of Christianity: A Historical Introduction to the New Testament, originally published in 1984, has appeared in a revised edition (New York: Oxford University Press,Expand
the political economy of death: communication and change in Malagasy colonial history
The competition for labor associated with the incorporation of the Sakalava of northwestern Madagascar into polities of steadily increasing scale has involved the ongoing reorganization of socialExpand
Divine Kingship and the Meaning of History Among the Sakalava of Madagascar
Myth and history are not so different as was once thought. People may have different interpretations of the same 'historical facts'. History may therefore be used like myth to support alternativeExpand
Religion and Food: An Anthropological Perspective1
L'A. reprend les articles precedents et classe les rapports alimentation-religion en trois categories. D'abord, l'utilisation de l'alimentation en tant que signe est bien etablie. Les pratiquesExpand
The King's Men in Madagascar: Slavery, Citizenship and Sakalava Monarchy
The ‘great songs’ ( antsa maventy ) with which Sakalava praise their royalty extol them as unique and precious beings in whom all wealth in persons and things is, or eventually will be, concentrated,Expand
Energy and ecosystems
A Green Estate: Restoring Independence in Madagascar
The Sakalava house (Madagascar).
The anthropological study of architecture has suffered somewhat less from the widespread notions concerning utility that have hampered the study of other aspects of material culture. At least someExpand