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Effects on fish community induced by installation of two gas platforms in the Adriatic Sea
The Regina (Rp) and Annalisa (Ap) gas platforms, placed in the northern Adriatic Sea at different depths and distances from the coast, were monitored for 3 yr to evaluate changes induced by their
Evolution of the fish assemblage around a gas platform in the northern Adriatic Sea
Effects induced on the fish assemblage by the gas platform “Regina”, installed in October 1997 in the northern Adriatic Sea (depth 21 m), were investigated by monthly sampling with a trammel net near
Overview on artificial reefs in Europe
Artificial reefs in Europe have been developed over the last 40 yrs. Most of these reefs have been placed in the Mediterranean Sea, but there is an increasing interest on the part of northern
Practical Guidelines for the Use of Artificial Reefs in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
Artificial reefs have been used for a long time around the world and have served many purposes ranging from habitat restoration, fish stock enhancement and fisheries management to research and
An assessment of biomass and diel activity of fish at an artificial reef (Adriatic sea) using a stationary hydroacoustic technique
The biomass of fish assemblage inhabiting the Senigallia artificial reef (northern Adriatic Sea, Italy) was evaluated in the period July-November 1996. Density and biomass were assessed through a