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Repeated-doses and reproductive toxicity studies of the monoterpene 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) in Wistar rats.
1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) is widely used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry and as a food flavoring agent, thus providing significant potential for human exposure to the compound. WeExpand
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Evaluation of antihyperglycaemic activity of Calotropis procera leaves extract on streptozotocin-induced diabetes in Wistar rats
Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T.Aiton,Apocynaceae, popularly known as "algodao-de-seda", is a wild African bush, rich in bioactive substances that determine the medicinal potential of this species.Expand
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Gastroprotective and Ulcer Healing Effects of Essential Oil of Hyptis martiusii Benth. (Lamiaceae)
Hyptis martiusii Benth. is an aromatic plant found in abundance in northeastern Brazil that is used in ethnomedicine to treat gastric disorders. The aim of this study was to elucidate the mechanismsExpand
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Composição química e avaliação da atividade antibacteriana e toxicidade do óleo essencial de Croton zehntneri (variedade estragol)
Observing that bacteria resistant to antimicrobials represent a challenge in the treatment of infections, it is notorious the need of finding new substances with antimicrobial features to be used inExpand
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Contribution of Secondary Metabolites to the Gastroprotective Effect of Aqueous Extract of Ximenia americana L. (Olacaceae) Stem Bark in Rats
Ximenia americana L. (Olacaceae) is used in ethnomedicine as cicatrizant and for the treatment of gastric disorders. This study identified the chemical constituents of the aqueous extract of X.Expand
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Antiulcer Activity and Potential Mechanism of Action of the Leaves of Spondias mombin L.
Spondias mombin L. is used in folk medicine for the treatment of inflammation and gastrointestinal diseases. Our study investigated the antiulcer activity of S. mombin ethanolic extract (SmEE) andExpand
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Evaluation of gastroprotective and ulcer healing activities of yellow mombin juice from Spondias mombin L.
Spondias mombin L. (yellow mombin) is a tree with a nutritional fruit that is commonly consumed in the North and Northeast of Brazil, as the juice of its pulp is rich in antioxidant compounds. ThisExpand
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Efeito Gastroprotetor e Segurança de Uso do Óleo Essencial das Folhas de Hyptis Martiusii Benth. (lamiaceae) e do Monoterpeno 1,8-cineol
CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico) FACEPE (Fundacao de Amparo a Ciencia e Tecnologia do Estado de Pernambuco)
Hyptis martiusii Benth. (Lamiaceae), popularmente conhecida como cidreira-do-mato ou cidreira-brava, e encontrada em abundância no nordeste do Brasil. Trata-se de uma especie potencialmenteExpand