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Bubble nucleation from gas cavities — a review
Abstract This review is concerned with the nucleation of bubbles in solutions supersaturated with a gas, in particular the bubble nucleation that occurs at specific sites, as a cycle. AExpand
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Forecasting coal production until 2100
A model capable of projecting mineral resources production has been developed. The model includes supply and demand interactions, and has been applied to all coal producing countries. A model ofExpand
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Numerical modelling of gas-liquid flow in stirred tanks
Abstract A numerical modelling method is presented for gas–liquid flow in mechanically stirred tanks. In this method, the tank is represented by a mesh which explicitly includes the impellerExpand
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Predicting gas–liquid flow in a mechanically stirred tank
Abstract Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) provides a method for investigating the highly complex fluid flow in mechanically stirred tanks. Although there are quite a number of papers in theExpand
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The cycle of bubble production from a gas cavity in a supersaturated solution
Abstract Bubble nucleation, classified according to the review by Jones et al. (Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 80 (1999) 27–50) as type IV non-classical, was examined in this study. Trains of bubblesExpand
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The End of Class Politics
  • G. Evans
  • Political Science
  • 23 September 1999
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Droplet impact dynamics on a spherical particle
Abstract In this work, subcooled droplet impact on a highly thermally conductive spherical surface was investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Specifically, the effect of Weber number onExpand
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Long term forecasting of natural gas production
Natural gas is an important energy source for power generation, a chemical feedstock and residential usage. It is important to analyse the future production of conventional and unconventional naturalExpand
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Prediction of the bubble size generated by a plunging liquid jet bubble column
Abstract In this paper a model is presented to predict the maximum bubble size generated within the mixing zone at the top of a plunging liquid jet bubble column. The model uses a critical WeberExpand
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A Study of a Plunging Jet Bubble Column
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