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Chronic Noise and Psychological Stress
This article illustrates the value of incorporating psychological principles into the environmental sciences Psychophysiological, cognitive, motivational, and affective indices of stress wereExpand
Chronic Noise Exposure and Physiological Response: A Prospective Study of Children Living Under Environmental Stress
Data collected before and after the inauguration of a major new international airport in noise-impacted and comparison communities show that noise significantly elevates stress among children at ambient levels far below those necessary to produce hearing damage. Expand
Cognitive mapping: knowledge of real-world distance and location information.
  • G. Evans, K. Pezdek
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Journal of experimental psychology. Human…
  • 1980
A series of experiments investigated how information about geographic environments is processed and found that when an environment is primarily learned by a map, knowledge of the interpositions of items in the environment is formed in the single perspective of the map. Expand
Environmental Stress and Health
In this chapter, we critically review the health effects of environmental stressors. To keep the scope of this discussion manageable, we limit our domain in several ways. First, although we willExpand
Personal space.
Effects of Play Equipment and Loose Parts on Preschool Children's Outdoor Play Behavior: An Observational Study and Design Intervention
This research project investigated, in two stages, the ways in which playground equipment and the addition of loose parts to a playground contribute to preschool children’s dramatic and constructiveExpand
Crowding and personal space invasion on the train: Please don’t make me sit in the middle
Mass transit users frequently experience crowding during their commutes. In this study of 139 urban passenger train commuters during rush hour, we found that the density of the train car wasExpand
A Prospective Study of Some Effects of Aircraft Noise on Cognitive Performance in Schoolchildren
Mediational analyses suggest that poorer reading was not mediated by speech perception, and that impaired recall was in part mediated by reading. Expand
Physiological, motivational, and cognitive effects of aircraft noise on children: moving from the laboratory to the field.
A combination of laboratory and field methodologies is suggested as a strategy to increase the influence of psychological research in the formation of public policy, A naturalistic study of theExpand
Environment, cognition, and action : an integrated approach
Gary W. Evans & Tommy Garling: Environment, Cognition, and Action PART I: THE IMPACT OF THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Rachel Kaplan: Environmental description and prediction: A conceptual analysisExpand