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Sural and radial sensory responses in healthy adults: Diagnostic implications for polyneuropathy
We prospectively performed sural and radial sensory nerve conduction studies in 92 healthy subjects, aged between 21 and 88 years, both to determine the lower limits of normal (LLN) and to assess theExpand
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Classification of tremor and update on treatment.
Tremor is a symptom of many disorders, including Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, orthostatic tremor, cerebellar disease, peripheral neuropathy and alcohol withdrawal. Tremors may be classifiedExpand
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Experimental cross virial coefficients for binary mixtures of carbon dioxide with nitrogen, methane and ethane at 300 and 320 K
Densities of five mixtures of carbon dioxide + nitrogen (xCO2=0.10560, 0.25147, 0.50365, 0.71105, 0.90921), pure nitrogen, four mixtures of carbon dioxide + methane (xco2=0.09990, 0.29858, 0.67607,Expand
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Acquired Copper Deficiency: A Potentially Serious and Preventable Complication Following Gastric Bypass Surgery
Copper is an essential cofactor in many enzymatic reactions vital to the normal function of the hematologic, vascular, skeletal, antioxidant, and neurologic systems. Copper deficiency in the UnitedExpand
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Effects of age on muscle as measured by electrical impedance myography.
Electrical impedance myography (EIM) is a painless and non-invasive technique for the assessment of muscle which we apply here to the effects of normal aging. The paper presents a cross-sectionalExpand
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Pathophysiology of parkinsonism due to hydrocephalus
We report a patient with hydrocephalus who developed levodopa responsive parkinsonism and severe bradyphrenia associated with shunt malfunction and revision. Magnetic resonance imaging revealedExpand
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Validation of claims‐based diagnostic and procedure codes for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal serious adverse events in a commercially‐insured population
To validate administrative claims codes with medical chart review for myocardial infarction (MI), ischemic stroke, and severe upper gastrointestinal (UGI) bleed events in a large,Expand
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Assessing neuromuscular disease with multifrequency electrical impedance myography
Electrical impedance myography (EIM) is a noninvasive technique for neuromuscular assessment in which low‐intensity alternating current is applied to a muscle and the consequent surface voltageExpand
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Electrical impedance myography in the bedside assessment of inflammatory myopathy
Electrical impedance myography (EIM) is a new technique with potential for the noninvasive bedside assessment of myopathy. EIM was performed on the quadriceps of 10 patients with inflammatoryExpand
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Electrical impedance myography in the assessment of disuse atrophy.
UNLABELLED Tarulli AW, Duggal N, Esper GJ, Garmirian LP, Fogerson PM, Lin CH, Rutkove SB. Electrical impedance myography in the assessment of disuse atrophy. OBJECTIVE To quantify disuse atrophyExpand
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