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Hierarchies and phonological weakening
Abstract Consonantal weakening has long been recognized as a significant, natural type of phonological change. Weakening can be defined as a systematic reduction process, often resulting in deletion,Expand
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3. Garifuna in Belize and Honduras
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Creole and dialect continua
Although there is a substantial amount of linguistic research on standard language acquisition, little attention has been given to the mechanisms underlying second dialect acquisition. Using aExpand
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Belizean Creole. Gender, creole, and the role of women in language change
1.Problems of definition 1.1 Gender and sex in society 1.2 Pidgins and creoles 2. Focus on Belize 2.1 Sociolinguistic background 2.2 English influence on Belizean Creole 2.3 Previous studies ofExpand
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Contrastive patterns of intragroup and intergroup interaction in the creole continuum of Belize
The decreolization process observed in the creole continuum of Belize, Central America is examined in relation to the extralinguistic factor of ethnicity. The speech patterns of Creole speakers areExpand
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