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Parasitism: The Diversity and Ecology of Animal Parasites
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Immunological, pathological and biochemical aspects of parasitism 3. The protozoa 4. Platyhelminthes: the flatworms 5. Nematoda: the roundworms 6. Acanthocephala: theExpand
In February 1981, ASP President Elmer Noble on recommendation from the Editor, Austin Maclnnis, appointed an ad hoc committee "to establish working definitions of a few terms used and misused byExpand
Toxoplasmosis of Animals and Humans, Second Edition
We may not be able to make you love reading, but toxoplasmosis of animals and humans second edition will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the window to open the new world. TheExpand
Guild structure of larval trematodes in the snail Helisoma anceps: patterns and processes at the individual host level.
Factors that influenced the infracommunity structure of trematodes parasitizing the pulmonate snail Helisoma anceps were studied over a 15-mo period; the guild included 8 species of parasites.Expand
A perspective on the ecology of trematode communities in snails
This paper presents a perspective on the ecology of trematodes in snail hosts based on recent evidence. Because flukes use snails almost obligatorily as first intermediate hosts, we highlight theExpand
Population Dynamics of Chaetogaster limnaei limnaei (Oligochaeta) as Affected by a Trematode Parasite in Helisoma anceps (Gastropoda)
The population dynamics of Chaetogaster limnaei limnaei, a commensal and predatory oligochaete living in the mantle cavity of the pulmonate snail, Helisoma anceps, were studied. The densities of theExpand
Prevalence and distribution of Aeromonas hydrophila in the United States.
The abundance of Aeromonas hydrophila was measured in 147 natural aquatic habitats in 30 states and Puerto Rico. Viable cell counts were used to estimate density at all sites by using Rimler-ShottsExpand
Snail-trematode interactions and parasite community dynamics in aquatic systems: a review
-The study of parasite communities has traditionally focussed on helminth communities in vertebrate hosts. However, the literature reveals a substantial body of information which shows that infraandExpand
Impact of ecological succession on the parasite fauna in centrarchids from oligotrophic and eutrophic ecosystems.
Approximately 30 species of larval and adult parasites were collected from 549 centrarchid fish and 7718 gastropod molluscs from an oligotrophic and two eutrophic lakes in southwestern Michigan. TheExpand