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Holocene floodplain sediment storage and hillslope erosion within the Rhine catchment
The response of fluvial systems to land use and climate change varies depending on catchment size. While forcing-response mechanisms of small catchments are reasonably well understood, the responseExpand
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Double trouble: subsidence and CO2 respiration due to 1,000 years of Dutch coastal peatlands cultivation
Coastal plains are amongst the most densely populated areas in the world. Many coastal peatlands are drained to create arable land. This is not without consequences; physical compaction of peat andExpand
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Sediment dynamics in the Rhine catchment. Quantification of fluvial response to climate change and human impact
Fluvial systems are strongly responsive to changes in climate and land use — but take their time to show it. Accurate prediction of the timing and degree of future fluvial response requiresExpand
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Trends and controls of Holocene floodplain sedimentation in the Rhine catchment
article i nfo Holocene floodplain sedimentation in the Rhine catchment is controlled by human and climate impacts. Intricate river behaviour modifies the fluvial response to the external impactsExpand
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Complex fluvial response to Lateglacial and Holocene allogenic forcing in the Lower Rhine Valley (Germany)
Abstract The Rhine catchment experienced strong changes in upstream allogenic forcing during the last 20,000 years. Climatic changes of the glacial–interglacial transition and steadily growing humanExpand
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Sinking coastal cities
Abstract. In many coastal and delta cities land subsidence now exceeds absolute sea level rise up to a factor of ten. A major cause for severe land subsidence is excessive groundwater extractionExpand
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Architecture of the Holocene Rhine-Meuse delta (the Netherlands) - A result of changing external controls
Abstract The Holocene Rhine-Meuse delta is formed under the influence of sea-level rise, tectonics, and variations in discharge and sediment supply. This paper aims to determine the relativeExpand
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From sedimentary records to sediment budgets: Multiple approaches to catchment sediment flux
This paper reviews the traditional approach to sediment budget studies in geomorphology, new approaches and more specifically the potential impact of new methodological advances. Each component ofExpand
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Holocene sediment budgets of the Rhine Delta (The Netherlands): a record of changing sediment delivery
Holocene sedimentation in the Rhine-Meuse Delta is facilitated by sea-level rise and tectonics, but most important is the result of the sediment flux received through rivers from the hinterland. TheExpand
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Impacts of 25 years of groundwater extraction on subsidence in the Mekong delta, Vietnam
Many major river deltas in the world are subsiding and consequently become increasingly vulnerable to flooding and storm surges, salinization and permanent inundation. For the Mekong Delta, annualExpand
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