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A View from the Nineteenth Century: Eastern Turkistanese-Chinese Cultural Relations in Chokan Valikhanov’s Works
Chokan Valikhanov (Shoqan Walikhanov) was well-educated, extremely knowledgeable, prominent, and distinguished Kazakh scholar, despite his very short life of 30 years. Valikhanov wrote valuable works
Remembered Traditions and Lifestyles of Soviet Kyrgyzstan
This article is mainly based on the outcome of the first stage of the oral-history project Living History of Central Asian People: The Case of Kyrgyzstan. In this project, the actors and eyewitnesses
Stalin’s Passing Recollected
Perhaps one of the most interesting topics in the narration of Soviet memory and the way people understand the Soviet era is related to the image of Stalin. In addition to the mythmaking surrounding
Some Aspects of Contemporary Turkish Foreign Policy
Famine in Kyrgyzstan in the 1930s and 1940s
This chapter focuses on the famine of the 1930s and 1940s in Kyrgyzstan. It is generally accepted that in Kyrgyz history, there are many unwritten and unvoiced aspects. The famine is an important