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Financialization and the World Economy
Financialization – the increasing importance of financial markets, institutions and motives in the world economy – is described and analyzed in this rigorously researched volume. The contributors,Expand
Bargaining Power and Foreign Direct Investment in China: Can 1.3 Billion Consumers Tame the Multinationals?
Foreign direct investment (FDI) has become a much desired commodity by nations, regions and cities throughout the world. Indeed, governments bid for FDI because it is commonly thought to be anExpand
Did Quantitative Easing Increase Income Inequality
The impact of the post-meltdown Federal Reserve policy of ultra-low interest rates and Quantitative Easing (QE) on income and wealth inequality has become an important policy and political issue.Expand
Financialization, rentier interests and central bank policy
“Financialization†refers to the increasing importance of financial markets, financial motives, financial institutions, and financial elites in the operations of the economy and its governingExpand
Central Banks as Agents of Economic Development
In the last two decades, there has been a global sea change in the theory and practice of central banking. The currently dominant “best practice” approach to central banking consists of theExpand
Central banks as agents of employment creation
Employment creation has dropped off the direct agenda of most central banks. The so-called “global best practice” approach to central banking has not focused on economic growth or employmentExpand
An Employment-Targeted Economic Program for South Africa
This report outlines a pro-poor, employment-focused economic policy framework for South Africa. Its specific focus is the severe problem of mass unemployment in South Africa today. Unemployment wasExpand
Macroeconomic Policy after the Conservative Era: Studies in Investment, Saving and Finance
Part I. Introduction: 1. Macroeconomic policies for sustainable growth Gerald Epstein and Herbert Gintis 2. Stability, in egalitarianism and stagnation: an overview of the advanced capitalistExpand