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Is Elder Abuse and Neglect a Social Phenomenon? Data from the First National Prevalence Survey in Israel
Findings from the First National Survey on Elder Abuse and Neglect in Israel corroborate that elder abuse and neglect is a social problem in Israeli society and has to be addressed in policy discourse and service developments.
Choice and empowerment for battered women who stay: toward a constructivist model.
A proposal of a constructivist model for empowering battered women who choose to stay that balances between their needs and rights is presented.
The Interactive Construction of Narrative Styles in Sensitive Interviews: The Case of Domestic Violence Research
Awareness of the possible power relations and conflicts between interviewer and interviewee in qualitative research has grown in recent years; however, scant attempts have been made to analyze this
The Scope of Client Aggression Toward Social Workers in Israel
The phenomenon of client violence toward social workers has been documented in various parts of the world. The goal of this study is to describe the phenomenon and explore the relationship pattern
Cognition or Involvement? Explaining Sexual-coercion in High-school Dating
  • G. Enosh
  • Psychology
    Sexual abuse : a journal of research and…
  • 17 July 2007
The findings indicate that males are more prone to both victimization and perpetration of sexual coercion, and the comparison of two major explanatory models – the TPB and the involvement model, is shown to show the primacy of involvement.
The Development of Client Violence Questionnaire (CVQ)
The purpose of this study was to develop, test, and validate a questionnaire for assessing social workers’ exposure to client violence, which we call the Client Violence Questionnaire (CVQ).
Reflexivity: The Creation of Liminal Spaces--Researchers, Participants, and Research Encounters.
Three foci of reflexivity are specified--the researcher, the participant, and the encounter--for exploring the interview process as a dialogic liminal space of mutual reflection between researcher and participant.
Client Aggression Toward Social Workers and Social Services in Israel—A Qualitative Analysis
Negative impacts of client aggression on several levels and on several focal areas are identified, which affect not only the attacked individual but also resonate throughout the organization.
Sense of coherence and socio-demographic characteristics predicting posttraumatic stress symptoms and recovery in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War
Results supported the hypotheses that SOC mediates between demographic characteristics and negative (symptoms) as well as positive (perceived recovery) war outcomes.