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Dilemmas in the process of weight reduction: Exploring how women experience training as a means of losing weight
Patients diagnosed with obesity are usually offered group-based behavior interventions which include dietary advice and exercise programs. In particular, high-intensity training—combining weightExpand
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Effects of physical activity on schoolchildren's academic performance: The Active Smarter Kids (ASK) cluster-randomized controlled trial.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a seven-month, school-based cluster-randomized controlled trial on academic performance in 10-year-old children. METHODS In total, 1129 fifth-grade childrenExpand
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The lived body as experience and perspective: methodological challenges
The theme of the article is to question how the researcher’s body is involved both in creating accesses to, and in interpreting, material from qualitative research interviews. The researcher’s bodyExpand
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‘I am not that old’: inter-personal experiences of thriving and threats at a senior centre
ABSTRACT The high cultural valuation of youthfulness and fitness in the mass media and more generally in western consumer society is the contextual frame for this study. It examines older people'sExpand
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I am almost like a fish: an investigation of how children with congenital heart disease experience and perform movement in daily life.
BACKGROUND Because of dramatic medical improvements, most children with congenital heart disease (CHD) survive into adulthood. Nevertheless, they remain in need of long-term health care. Living withExpand
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“My quality of life is worse compared to my earlier life”
Weight loss surgery is commonly regarded as improving individuals’ health and social life, and resulting in a happier and more active life for those defined as “morbidly obese.” However, someExpand
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Cancer patients’ experiences of using an Interactive Health Communication Application (IHCA)
Interactive Health Communication Applications (IHCAs) are increasingly used in health care. Studies document that IHCAs provide patients with knowledge and social support, enhance self- efficacy andExpand
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Researching embodiment in movement contexts: a phenomenological approach
This article takes a phenomenological approach to understanding embodiment in relation to teaching and learning taking place in movement contexts. Recently a number of studies have pointed to theExpand
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Experiences of being tested: a critical discussion of the knowledge involved and produced in the practice of testing in children’s rehabilitation
Intensive professional testing of children with disabilities is becoming increasingly prominent within the field of children’s rehabilitation. In this paper we question the high quality ascribed toExpand
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Negotiating options in weight-loss surgery
In this study we explore how a selection of Norwegian women account for their decision to undergo weight loss surgery (WLS). We argue that women’s descriptions of their experiences leading up to thisExpand
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