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Cellular Automata and Fractal Urban Form: A Cellular Modelling Approach to the Evolution of Urban Land-Use Patterns
Cellular automata belong to a family of discrete, connectionist techniques being used to investigate fundamental principles of dynamics, evolution, and self-organization. Expand
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High-resolution integrated modelling of the spatial dynamics of urban and regional systems
Abstract An emerging branch of geocomputing involves the modelling of spatial processes. A variety of techniques are being used, the most important being traditional regionalized system dynamicsExpand
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The Use of Constrained Cellular Automata for High-Resolution Modelling of Urban Land-Use Dynamics
A cellular automaton is specified to give a spatially detailed representation of the evolution of urban land-use patterns. Expand
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Cellular Automata as the Basis of Integrated Dynamic Regional Modelling
We present an integrated model of regional spatial dynamics consisting of a cellular automaton-based model of land use linked both to a geographic information system (GIS) and to standard nonspatial models of regional economics and demographics, as well as to a simple model of environmental change. Expand
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Integrated modelling and decision-support tools: a Mediterranean example
We describe how EU funded research models and understanding have been integrated into an interactive decision-support system addressing physical, economic and social aspects of land degradation in the Mediterranean. Expand
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Environment Explorer: Spatial Support System for the Integrated Assessment of Socio-Economic and Environmental Policies in the Netherlands
Environment Explorer is a system developed to support spatial scientists, planners and decision makers at the regional and national levels in the Netherlands to help them analyse a wide range ofExpand
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A System-based Paradigm of Drought Analysis for Operational Management
Conventionally droughts are studied in terms of their dimensions (severity, duration and areal extent), without specifying the affected system. The paper presents an innovative system-based approachExpand
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Integrating Constrained Cellular Automata Models, GIS and Decision Support Tools for Urban Planning
In this paper we present a Decision Support System developed to assist urban planners and policy makers to simulate and analyse alternative urban layouts, land uses, and growth patterns. Expand
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Map Comparison Kit 3: User Manual
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Integration of multi-scale dynamic spatial models of socio-economic and physical processes for river basin management
The MedAction PSS incorporates socio-economic and physical processes in a strongly coupled manner in the fields of land degradation, desertification, water management and sustainable farming. Expand
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