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Sonography in the postoperative evaluation of laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.
We evaluated the use of sonography as a means of assessing hernial occlusion and possible postoperative changes such as hematomas or seromas in the inguinal and scrotal regions after 1139Expand
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Sonometrics of the prostate.
Determination of prostatic size by rectal examination is inaccurate if objective and reproducible values are desired. Sonometrics, a combination of transrectal sonography and biometrics, is a simpleExpand
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Transrectal ultrasonography in diagnosis and staging of prostatic cancer
SummaryBy careful comparison and correlation of histopathologic and sonographic findings, it could be demonstrated, that transrectal sonography is a useful diagnostic method for evaluating prostaticExpand
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[Laparoscopic surgery of inguinal hernia by transperitoneal implantation of an artificial mesh. Technique and early results].
We report on 250 patients with 342 inguinal hernias operated laparoscopically by pre-peritoneal implantation of a prosthetic mesh. 167 hernias were indirect, 175 direct, including 92 bilateral, 71Expand
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Laparoscopic repair of recurrent inguinal hernias.
BACKGROUND Repair of recurrent inguinal hernias is associated with recurrence rates as high as 30% and complication rates higher than for primary hernias. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospectiveExpand
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The value of sonography in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with blunt renal trauma.
Eighty-eight patients with blunt renal trauma were examined sonographically. Rupture of the kidney was diagnosed in 41 patients and contusion of the kidney in 45. The correlation between operativeExpand
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Transrectal Ultrasonography as a Follow-up Method in Prostatic Carcinoma After External Beam and Interstitial Radiotherapy
Transrectal ultrasonography and ultrasonometrics were employed for follow-up in a total of 28 prostatic carcinoma patients subjected to external beam or interstitial radiotherapy. These two methodsExpand
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Klassifikation der Harnblasentumoren durch die Sonographie
: Sonography was used for classifying bladder tumours by the T.N.M. system (UICC 1978). Methods and techniques are described. Since treatment depends largely on the stage of the tumour,Expand
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Ultrasound in patients with blunt renal trauma managed by surgery.
We investigated 24 patients with blunt renal trauma by excretory urography plus nephrotomography and ultrasound. The results of these investigations were correlated with the operative findings. TheExpand
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[Echographic differential diagnosis of scrotal contents. A contribution to evaluation of the method].
Ten patients were selected from a clinical material comprising 336 sonograms of the scrotal contents in order to discuss the differential diagnosis of testicular and extra-testicular conditions. TheExpand
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