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TOPEX/POSEIDON tides estimated using a global inverse model
Altimetric data from the TOPEX/POSEIDON mission will be used for studies of global ocean circulation and marine geophysics. However, it is first necessary to remove the ocean tides, which are aliasedExpand
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Significant dissipation of tidal energy in the deep ocean inferred from satellite altimeter data
How and where the ocean tides dissipate their energy are long-standing questions that have consequences ranging from the history of the Moon to the mixing of the oceans. Historically, the principalExpand
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Estimates of M2 Tidal Energy Dissipation from TOPEX/Poseidon Altimeter Data
Most of the tidal energy dissipation in the ocean occurs in shallow seas, as has long been recognized. However, recent work has suggested that a significant fraction of the dissipation, perhaps 1 TWExpand
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Numerical modeling of the global semidiurnal tide in the present day and in the last glacial maximum
[1] A hydrodynamic model incorporating a self-consistent treatment of ocean self-attraction and loading (SAL), and a physically based parameterization of internal tide (IT) drag, is used to assessExpand
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An efficient data-subspace inversion method for 2-D magnetotelluric data
There are currently three types of algorithms in use for regularized 2-D inversion of magnetotelluric (MT) data. All seek to minimize some functional which penalizes data misfit and model structure.Expand
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Computational recipes for electromagnetic inverse problems
SUMMARY The Jacobian of the non-linear mapping from model parameters to observations is a key component in all gradient-based inversion methods, including variants on Gauss–Newton and non-linearExpand
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Robust multiple-station magnetotelluric data processing
SUMMARY Although modern magnetotelluric ( MT) data are highly multivariate (multiple components, recorded at multiple stations), commonly used processing methods are based on univariate statisticalExpand
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Semi‐diurnal and diurnal tidal dissipation from TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry
[1] Tidal energy dissipation is estimated for eight semi-diurnal and diurnal constituents using a global inverse solution constrained by TOPEX/Poseidon altimeter data. Very similar spatial patternsExpand
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Three-dimensional magnetotelluric inversion : data-space method
Abstract A three-dimensional magnetotelluric (MT) minimum structure inversion algorithm has been developed based on a data-space variant of the Occam approach. Computational costs associated withExpand
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Robust estimation of geomagnetic transfer functions
Summary. We show, through an examination of residuals, that all of the statistical assumptions usually used in estimating transfer functions for geomagnetic induction data fail at periods from 5 minExpand
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