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Hydrogen depth profiling using18O ions
Nuclear resonant reaction analysis techniques for hydrogen depth profiling in solid materials typically have used15N ion beams at 6.40 MeV and19F ion beams at 6.42 MeV, which require a tandemExpand
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Random matrices and chaos in nuclear physics: Nuclear reactions
The application of random-matrix theory (RMT) to compound-nucleus (CN) reactions is reviewed. An introduction into the basic concepts of nuclear scattering theory is followed by a survey ofExpand
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Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Physics
The authors review the evidence for the applicability of random--matrix theory to nuclear spectra. In analogy to systems with few degrees of freedom, one speaks of chaos (more accurately: quantumExpand
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The utility of resonant soft x-ray scattering and reflectivity for the nanoscale characterization of polymers
AbstractThe utility of resonant soft x-ray scattering (RSoXS) and reflectivity (RSoXR) is extended and exemplified through the characterization of thin films of polymers relevant to organic solarExpand
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Effect of preequilibrium spin distribution on {sup 48}Ti +n cross sections
Nuclear model calculations of discrete {gamma}-ray production cross sections produced in {sup 48}Ti(n,n{sup '}{gamma}{sub i}){sup 48}Ti and {sup 48}Ti(n,2n{gamma}{sub i}){sup 47}Ti reactions wereExpand
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Fluctuation properties of spacings of low-lying nuclear levels
Fluctuation properties have been analyzed for a large collection of low-lying nuclear energy levels, with emphasis on the nearest-neighbor spacing distributions. The levels are combined in severalExpand
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Amplitude correlations for inelastic proton scattering from44Ca
The magnitudes and relative signs of inelastic proton channel amplitudes were determined for three decay channels for 53 5/2+ resonances in 45Sc. Although the reduced widths in each channel agreeExpand
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Statistical properties of 3/2− resonances in45Sc and51Mn
Magnitudes and relative signs of reduced width amplitudes for two inelastic decay channels were obtained for 3/2− resonances in45Sc and51Mn. Width and amplitude correlations were determined, and theExpand
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Small sample size effects in statistical analyses of eigenvalue distributions
The effects of small sample sizes on the statistical analysis of eigenvalue distributions were analyzed numerically. The behavior of the nearest-neighbor spacing distribution, the Δ3 statistic, andExpand
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