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Reconsidering Universal Bibliographic Control in Light of the Semantic Web
The article discusses the future of universal bibliographic control in the context of the Semantic Web, illustrated with examples drawn from IFLA standards such as FRBR and ISBD, and other international Standards such as Dublin Core and RDA.
Match Point: Duplication and the Scholarly Record: The Online Catalogue and Repository Interoperability Study (OCRIS), and Its Findings on Duplication and Authority Control in OPACs and IRs
This article summarizes the methodology and findings of the Online Catalogue and Repository Interoperability Study (OCRIS), a project recently carried out by the Centre for Digital Library Research
Style Guidelines for Naming and Labeling Ontologies in the Multilingual Web
On the basis of some real experiences in the translation of ontologies from English into Spanish, a preliminary set of guidelines for naming and labeling ontologies in a multilingual scenario are provided.
A Reconsideration of Mapping in a Semantic World
The state of the art of traditional crosswalking strategies is reviewed, lessons learned are examined, and how some changes in approach--from record-based to statement-based, and from syntax- based to semantic-based--can make a significant difference in the outcome are suggested.
Standard library metadata models and structures for the Semantic Web
This paper aims to give an overview of standard library models for bibliographic metadata in forms that are compatible with Semantic Web technologies, covering related standards and models such as RDA – Resource Description and Access, REICAT (the new Italian cataloguing rules) and CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model.
Clumps and collection description in the information environment in the UK with particular reference to Scotland
The work of CC-interop, a JISC project, and related projects that inform the development of the IE and its ability to instantiate the functional model of online resource discovery to which JISC aspires is described.
Semantic web and linked open data
To understand the new technological environment of the Semantic Web and linked open data, and to develop bibliographic services within it, it is necessary to understand some basic concepts and terms.
ISBD and the Semantic Web
Le possibilita di integrazione tra ISBD e strumenti del web semantico sono esaminate attraverso il lavoro dei gruppi di studio creati dall'IFLA al fine di mappare i linguaggi di metadati usati dalle
Collecting metadata from institutional repositories
  • G. Dunsire
  • Computer Science
    OCLC Syst. Serv.
  • 15 February 2008
Purpose – The purpose of this article is to review metadata issues identified in recent research carried out in Scotland on services based on metadata aggregation via OAI‐PMH, and to examine the role