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The Mt. Diwata study on the Philippines 1999--assessing mercury intoxication of the population by small scale gold mining.
The region of Diwalwal, dominated by Mt. Diwata, is a gold rush area on Mindanao (Philippines) where approximately 15000 people live. The fertile plain of Monkayo is situated downstream, where peopleExpand
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Mercury as a serious health hazard for children in gold mining areas.
In many developing countries, mercury is used to extract gold from ore in small-scale mining areas. Exposure through mercury in these small-scale mining communities is a serious health hazard,Expand
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Mercury in human colostrum and early breast milk. Its dependence on dental amalgam and other factors.
The mercury concentration in 70 breast milk samples (Hg-M) from 46 mothers, collected within the first 7 days after delivery, was determined by cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry. ForExpand
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Mercury in breast milk - a health hazard for infants in gold mining areas?
Breast-feeding can be a source of mercury exposure for infants. The main concern up to now is methyl-mercury exposure of women at child-bearing age. Certain fish species have high levels ofExpand
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Mercury burden of human fetal and infant tissues
The total mercury concentrations in the liver (Hg-L), the kidney cortex (Hg-K) and the cerebral cortex (Hg-C) of 108 children aged 1 day-5 years, and the Hg-K and Hg-L of 46 fetuses were determined.Expand
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Increased blood mercury levels in patients with Alzheimer's disease
Summary. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a common neurodegenerative disorder that leads to dementia and death. In addition to several genetic parameters, various environmental factors may influence theExpand
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Health assessment of artisanal gold miners in Indonesia.
Small scale miners use mercury to extract gold from ore in many countries. An environmental and health assessment was performed in Indonesia in two regions, Galangan in Central Kalimantan andExpand
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Health assessment of artisanal gold miners in Tanzania.
In 2003 UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) conducted an environmental and health assessment in a small-scale mining area in Tanzania. BGS (British Geological Survey) performedExpand
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Lead burden in prehistorical, historical and modern human bones.
  • G. Drasch
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 1 August 1982
From archaeological findings it is well known that, in the past, lead has been intensively used by man. The toxicological aspects of increased lead exposure are perceived onward from the 2nd centuryExpand
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Polymorphisms in Genes Encoding Potential Mercury Transporters and Urine Mercury Concentrations in Populations Exposed to Mercury Vapor from Gold Mining
Background: Elemental mercury (Hg0) is widely used in small-scale gold mining. Persons working or living in mining areas have high urinary concentrations of Hg (U-Hg). Differences in genes encodingExpand
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