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Unequal intraocular pressure and its relation to asymmetric visual field defects in low-tension glaucoma.
Fifty-nine low-tension glaucoma patients were reviewed with respect to asymmetry of intraocular pressure (IOP) and visual field defects. In the presence of unequal IOP the visual field damage isExpand
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Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in glaucoma. The nocturnal dip.
PURPOSE Hypoperfusion of the optic nerve head may be among the significant factors relating to glaucoma damage. The physiologic nocturnal blood pressure "dip" may be exaggerated in some patients andExpand
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The effect of age on the nerve fiber population of the human optic nerve.
Nerve fiber counts of 16 normal human optic nerves from subjects aged 3.5 to 82 years showed a significant effect of age (P = .0207). The delay between death or enucleation and fixation alsoExpand
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Diffuse and localized nerve fiber loss in glaucoma.
To estimate the usefulness of photographs of the retinal nerve fiber layer in demonstrating glaucomatous neural tissue changes, we examined such photographs of 51 patients with glaucoma, 52 patientsExpand
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Respiratory syncytial virus infections within families.
To examine intrafamily spread of respiratory syncytial virus infections and their associated illnesses, 36 families with 188 members were studied during an outbreak of such infections. Nurses visitedExpand
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Neuroretinal rim area in suspected glaucoma and early chronic open-angle glaucoma. Correlation with parameters of visual function.
The cup-disc ratio is an indirect measure of the amount of neural tissue present at the optic nerve head. A large cup-disc ratio in a large disc may be accompanied by a normal neuroretinal rim. TheExpand
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Comparison of psychophysical and electrophysiological testing in early glaucoma.
PURPOSE To compare the sensitivity and specificity of a wide range of psychophysical and electrophysiological tests in the detection of early glaucomatous damage. METHODS Forty-three normals and 43Expand
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Magnitude frequency study of rockfall in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
Detailed observations of rockfall were kept on a weekly basis over a two year period. The results indicate that there is both a seasonal distribution of rockfall with maxima in February-March andExpand
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The area of the neuroretinal rim of the optic nerve in normal eyes.
We randomly photographed 113 eyes in 113 people without ocular disease. The area of the disk and its neuroretinal rim as well as the width of the disk and cup were measured. The measurements wereExpand
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