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Drag of Spheroid-Cone Shaped Airship
Drag coefficients of streamlined bodies and complete airships are compared to confirm some general trends. Data obtained from flight testing an electrically powered, helium-filled, dirigible balloon
Development of an airship for tropical rain forest canopy exploration
  • G. Dorrington
  • Engineering
    The Aeronautical Journal ()
  • 1 August 2005
Abstract The design, manufacture and testing of a 480 cubic metre helium-filled airship, or dirigible balloon, intended for flight above tropical rain forest canopy is outlined. The requirements for
Venus atmospheric platform options revisited
Various balloon systems intended as scientific platforms to float in the atmosphere of Venus at altitudes between about 35 and 65 km are briefly reviewed. Previous predictions of the altitude
Thrust augmentation through after-burning in scramjet nozzles
Scramjets are a class of hypersonic airbreathing engine that are associated with realizing the technology required for economical, reliable access-to-space and high-speed atmospheric transport.
Heavily loaded flight and limits to the maximum size of dragonflies (Anisoptera) and griffenflies (Meganisoptera)
An analysis of the scaling of the required flight power and available muscle power is presented and it is found that for living Anisoptera and fossil Odonatoptera, there are different limiting sizes, above which the required specific flight power would exceed the available muscle specific power.
The Dragonfly Flight Envelope and its Application to Micro UAV Research and Development
Abstract In this paper we present quantitative analysis of three dimensional trajectories of dragonflies under free flight conditions. The trajectories were captured while male insects were engaged
Can diatom girdle band pores act as a hydrodynamic viral defense mechanism?
It is proposed that frustule pores simultaneously repel viruses while promoting uptake of ionic nutrients via a recirculating, electroosmotic dead-end pore flow, a new mechanism of “hydrodynamic immunity”.
Hydrodynamic drift ratchet scalability
The rectilinear "drift" of particles in a hydrodynamic drift ratchet arises from a combination of diffusive motion and particle-wall hydrodynamic interactions, and is therefore dependent on particle