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Energy requirements for maintenance of crossbred beef cattle with different genetic potential for milk.
Maintenance energy requirements were estimated in two gestation and one lactation feeding trials for three groups of cows. All cows in the second gestation trial completed the first gestation andExpand
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Comparison of target breeding weight and breeding date for replacement beef heifers and effects on subsequent reproduction and calf performance.
A 3-yr study was conducted with spring-born heifers (n = 240) to determine the effects of developing heifers to either 55 or 60% of mature BW at breeding on reproduction and calf productionExpand
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Relationships of pelvic structure, body measurements, pelvic area and calving difficulty.
Data on 186 Hereford heifers from five South Dakota ranches were collected to evaluate the relationships of pelvic structure and body measurements with calving difficulty (CD) and pelvic area. BodyExpand
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Effects of stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on weight gain and feed efficiency of feedlot cattle.
Data pooled from three individual trials, with average stable fly populations of 2.58, 5.21, and 7.07 per leg, indicated a significant reduction in weight gains and a decrease in feed efficiencyExpand
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Effects of sire, dam traits, calf traits, and environment on dystocia and subsequent reproduction of two-year-old heifers.
A study was conducted over 3 yr to evaluate effects of sire birth weight EPD, calf birth weight and shape, and heifer pelvic area and weight, individually and in combination, on dystocia andExpand
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Effects of inorganic and organic copper supplemented to first-calf cows on cow reproduction and calf health and performance.
Two experiments were conducted to determine whether the supplementation of Cu in the organic or inorganic form to 2-yr-old cows, before and after calving, affects reproduction rate, calf health andExpand
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Effects of supplementation of organic and inorganic combinations of copper, cobalt, manganese, and zinc above nutrient requirement levels on postpartum two-year-old cows.
The objective of this study was to determine whether a combination of Cu, Co, Mn, and Zn in an organic or inorganic form fed at higher than nutrient recommendations for 2-yr-old cows from calving toExpand
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Effects of breeding season length and calving season on range beef cow productivity.
A 5-yr study was conducted beginning in 1983 with 460 cows to evaluate the effects of three breeding seasons (30, 45, and 70 d in length) and two times of spring calving, March (early) and AprilExpand
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Climate Affects Calf Birth Weights and Calving Difficulty
A six-year study was conducted to investigate effects of winter temperatures on two-year-old cows (n=285) and their subsequent calf birth weights and calving difficulty in the spring. The winter ofExpand
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Effects of Synovex C implants on growth rate, pelvic area, reproduction, and calving performance of replacement heifers.
Two trials were conducted to evaluate effects of Synovex C implants on replacement heifers, given at two different ages. Crossbred heifer calves (n = 370) were allotted to four treatments: 1)Expand
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