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Clarifying the Entrepreneurial Orientation Construct and Linking It To Performance
The primary purpose of this article is to clarify the nature of the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) construct and to propose a contingency framework for investigating the relationship between EO andExpand
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Dimensions of Organizational Task Environments.
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Linking Two Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Orientation to Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Environment and Industry Life Cycle
Both scholarly literature and the popular press havestressed the importance of entrepreneurial activities, often assuming positive relations between entrepreneurship and performance outcomes. TheExpand
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Measuring organizational performance in the absence of objective measures: The case of the privately-held firm and conglomerate business unit
A firm's organizational performance (OP) is often scrutinized when studying various organizational phenomena. When examining OP, researchers must provide a conceptualization to define it and mustExpand
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Porter's (1980) Generic Strategies as Determinants of Strategic Group Membership and Organizational Performance
A multimethod, multivariate analysis of “intended” strategies provides empirical support for the presence of strategic groups based upon Porter's (1980) generic strategies. Variations in intraindus...
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Entrepreneurial strategy making and firm performance: tests of contingency and configurational models
This field study explores the nature of entrepreneurial strategy making (ESM) and its relationship with strategy, environment and performance through factor analysis and moderated hierarchical regression anlaysis. Expand
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Voluntary Turnover, Social Capital, and Organizational Performance
We propose a supplemental perspective, based on organizational social capital, for examining the voluntary turnover-organizational performance relationship. We view existing organizational-levelExpand
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Consensus on strategy formulation and organizational performance: Competitors in a fragmented industry
This paper examines the relationship between organizational performance and consensus (or agreement) within top management teams on company objectives and competitive methods for a sample of nineteenExpand
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Enhancing Entrepreneurial Orientation Research: Operationalizing and Measuring a Key Strategic Decision Making Process
We address the strengths and weaknesses of three approaches to measurement: managerial perceptions, firm behaviors, and resource allocations, and propose a triangulation of methods. Expand
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Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages
Strategic Management: Text and Cases, 3rd Edition, byDess/Lumpkin/Eisner is both readable and rigorous- written for today'sstudent. A rocket-ship in its first editions, this revision continuesExpand
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