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Comments on Nonlinear Wave Equations as Models for Elementary Particles
It is shown that for a wide class of nonlinear wave equations there exist no stable time‐independent solutions of finite energy. The possibility is considered whether elementary particles might beExpand
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Crossed gratings: A theory and its applications
We introduce a rigorous formulation for the problem of the diffraction by a finitely-conducting, bi-periodic surface. The formationon is based on a coordinate transformation which maps the gratingExpand
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The conductivity of lattices of spheres - II. The body centred and face centred cubic lattices
The conductivities of body-centred (b. c. c.) and face-centred (f. c. c.) cubic lattices of spheres of a conducting material in a conducting matrix are calculated by using a method originally devisedExpand
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Theory of Crossed Gratings
In this chapter we will consider the theoretical analysis and the properties of doubly periodic diffraction gratings (“bigratings”). Our interest in these structures has been stimulated by twoExpand
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Stability of Time‐Dependent Particlelike Solutions in Nonlinear Field Theories. I
It is shown that particlelike solutions of the form ψ = φ(r)e−iωt to the nonlinear field ∇2ψ−c−2∂2ψ/∂t2=κ2ψ−μ2ψψ*ψ+λψψ*ψψ*ψ can exist for a certain range of the field parameters. The stability of theExpand
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Diffraction properties of a bandpass grid
Abstract We describe a rigorous formulation for the diffraction by perfectly conducting grids of finite thickness with cross-shaped apertures. This formulation is employed to study the use of theseExpand
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Fetal and maternal plasma electrolytes, blood gases, and pH in dairy cows during late gestation.
Sodium, potassium, and chloride were determined in fetal and maternal plasma of six cows between 208 and 269 days of gestation. Blood pH and partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide also wereExpand
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Diffraction Gratings in the Quasi-static Limit
For gratings having an arbitrary symmetric profile, we prove that when the period becomes much finer than the wavelength the grating becomes equivalent to a graded uniaxial layer. We show for one p...
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Fetal and maternal mineral concentrations in dairy cattle during late pregnancy.
Concentrations of ionic and total calcium, magnesium, and inorganic phosphorus in plasma were determined in bovine fetuses and their mothers within the last month before delivery. Mean fetalExpand
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The collection of diffuse light onto an extended absorber
If light comes from a fixed direction and is to be collected onto an absorbing body which is approximately a point or a straight line, it is well known that a mirror of parabolic profile serves theExpand
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