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Structure of the algebras of some free systems
We give a detailed analysis of the structure of some Von Neumann algebras which describe free relativistic fields or infinite systems of free particles with finite density.
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Fine tuning of resonances and periodic solutions of Hamiltonian Systems near equilibrium
On considere un systeme hamiltonien de R 2n qui a l'origine comme equilibre isole. Dans l'approche de l'espace de phase, on demontre que le nombre de familles de solutions periodiques pres deExpand
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An approach through orthogonal projections to the study of in homogeneous or random media with linear response
Introduction d'un procede soulignant l'equivalence de plusieurs problemes physiques pour l'etude des constantes effectives dans les milieux heterogenes ou aleatoires. Schema d'approximation etExpand
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The Cauchy problem for the Schrödinger equation in dimension three with concentrated nonlinearity
Abstract We consider the Schrodinger equation in R 3 with nonlinearity concentrated in a finite set of points. We formulate the problem in the space of finite energy V, which is strictly larger thanExpand
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Mathematical problems in theoretical physics : international conference held in Rome, June 6-15, 1977
Lattice instantons: What they are and why they are important.- Gauge fields on the lattice.- Lattice gauge theories.- Some frontiers in constructive quantum field theory and equilibrium statisticalExpand
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Blow-up solutions for the Schrödinger equation in dimension three with a concentrated nonlinearity
Abstract We present some results on the blow-up phenomenon for the Schrodinger equation in dimension three with a nonlinear term supported in a fixed point. We find sufficient conditions for theExpand
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Large time, small coupling behaviour of a quantum particle in a random field
On demontre, pour une particule quantique dans un potentiel aleatoire convenable, que toutes les distributions de dimension finie d'observables extensives convergent dans la limite de Van Hove versExpand
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Composite Media and Homogenization Theory: An International Centre for Theoretical Physics Workshop Trieste, Italy, January 1990
1. Integral Representation of Functionals Defined on Sobolev Spaces.- 2. Homogenization and Renormalization of Multiple-Scattering Expansions for Green Functions in Turbulent Transport.- 3.Expand
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