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Severe and progressive steatosis and focal necrosis in rat liver induced by continuous intragastric infusion of ethanol and low fat diet
Blood alcohol levels (BAL) were maintained at high levels (overall mean ± S.D. achieved in 14 alcoholic rats was 216.0 ± 120.1 mg%) in male Wistar rats for 15 to 85 days by continuous intragastricExpand
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Maternal lipid intake during pregnancy and lactation alters milk composition and production and litter growth in rats.
The relationship between dietary fat content and milk composition, production and litter growth was studied in rats fed during pregnancy and lactation purified diets of equal energy densityExpand
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Xanthorrhizol induces endothelium-independent relaxation of rat thoracic aorta.
Xanthorrhizol, a bisabolene isolated from the medicinal plant Iostephane heterophylla, was assayed on rat thoracic aorta rings to elucidate its effect and likely mechanism of action, by measuringExpand
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Increased pancreatic acinar content and secretion of cationic trypsinogen following 30-day continuous ethanol intoxication in rats.
The effects of sustained, high blood alcohol levels (216 +/- 120 mg/100 ml, S.D.) for 30 days on cholecystokinin (CCK)-mediated pancreatic exocrine function were studied in a rat model that achievesExpand
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Insulin-like growth factor-I restores the reduced somatostatinergic tone controlling growth hormone secretion in cirrhotic rats.
BACKGROUND/AIMS An altered growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-I (GH/IGF-I) axis occurs in advanced liver cirrhosis, characterised by diminished serum levels of IGF-I and increasedExpand
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Effects of cholecystokinin, food intake and cephalic stimuli on plasma levels of amylase, lipase, and immunoreactive cationic trypsinogen in rats.
Plasma levels of amylase, lipase, and immunoreactive cationic trypsinogen (ICT) were monitored in conscious rats to study the effects of cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8) plus secretinExpand
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Diurnal variations in the fatty acid composition of milk fat from marginally nourished women.
This investigation was designed to test whether the composition of free fatty acids varied in the milk of a group of marginally nourished women, throughout the day in response to their habitualExpand
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Antimicrobial compounds detected in Bocconia arborea extracts by a direct bioautographic method.
BACKGROUND Among the numerous in vitro methods for studying the antimicrobial activity of plant drugs, bioautography has found widespread applications, especially for the detection of new compoundsExpand
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Predicting standard reduction potential for anticancer Au(III)-complexes: A DFT study
Abstract The Au(III) complexes are considered promising for cancer treatment given their structural and electronic similarities to Pt(II) complexes. Different from Pt(II) complexes, the Au(III)Expand
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Brown adipose tissue and exercise: Implications on human energy balance and metabolism. The actibate study
Ingles: In 2009, brown adipose tissue (BAT) was discovered to be present and active in human adults. Since then, BAT has been regarded as a promising target for therapies against obesity and relatedExpand
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